own_you_all (own_you_all) wrote in critical_skin,

Innocent Eyes

I'll never stop trying, I'll never stop trying
I want to be pure, let me clean off my sins
I want to fit in society's skins
Round and round, this path is worn
Always tripping over the same thorn
Always give in, to the pressures I feel
Get ripped open after I heal
And you make me want to change

I'm giving you all I got, Giving you all I got
I'll open up my heart  for you
If you show me, you will too
But I know better then to see with blind eyes
I can see, right through your lies
But innocent eyes feel so nice
I'm willing to pay the degrading price
And I don't want to be afraid

But it still hurts, it still hurts
Feels like cold steel on my flesh
And every slice, always fresh
Keep quite and turn the lights down
In your finger prints, I start to drown
I feel so unclean when you touch me
And I just want to be set free
But its the only love I'll ever know

Its the only love I've ever known.
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