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I (microchaotic) started this community because I was a member of several communities dedicated to visual art, writing, photography and music that served as galleries of sorts. While I got comments on my work, I rarely got true critique. I was looking for something more than "I like this!" and "This is great!" because, though I enjoy the compliments, I wanted to use these communities as a forum to improve my work. I found other livejournalists also wanted a place to get more in depth responses to their work. So I created one.

This community is not meant to merely display work. If you post your work here, expect a response. At first it might not generate a ton of members but if nothing else I will respond. If you join this community, please take some time to look at what others post and really think about what you like, don't like or are indifferent about. You can respond to anything at all but keep your comments civil, respectful and on topic.

There are no "rules" per se except the rule of respect.

  • Respect slow connections. Visual Artists and Photographers: try to keep your images smallish (you can always make a link to a larger version if you feel detail is lost at the smaller size) and stick to posting only one image per post unless they are a series or pair (this will also help users critique your work because they'll only have one thing to focus on). You may wish to make use of the lj-cut feature for extensively large images or extensive series. Writers: if you have a very long piece, please use the lj-cut feature (information on lj-cut can be found here). Musicians: when you link something for others to download, give them an idea of how large it is so they know what they're getting into when they begin.

  • Respect the other members. If you totally hate something, you're welcome to your opinion but don't just post that something "sucks." Go into detail, think of things you might do to improve it and make suggestions. Try to find something you think is strong about the piece (or another the same user has posted).

  • Respect the opinions of others. If someone posts something you don't agree with, that's fine. You don't have to agree with everything. But don't take it personally and don't attack the person behind the opinion, even if you chose to post your disagreements. Debate is fine, attacks and arguments are not.

I hope you all become members and get involved in the process. Critique can be a very good thing, even if you (like me) find it hard to take criticism sometimes. You can learn a lot from thinking about the work other people submit as well.

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