richard_moeller (richard_moeller) wrote in critical_skin,

Sister Fire

Me and my sister were playing dress up
I was the queen and she was a fire
It’s three AM and I can’t fall asleep
I’m too impatient to get tired
And I feel like a million dollars
And I feel these passing hours
Sitting dumbly on my shoulders
Your mouth hangs open and
You must be dreaming about old age
You mumble “I could get used to this place”

I deduce in the dark
That the ghost getting restless
Is rattling chains and admonishing regret
I ask it to shut up
And light up a cigarette
I hope that the dawn waits
As I haven’t slept yet
And I am not ready
To make up the day’s rules
and tell you I love you
As you leave me for school

And I don’t have any advice
So try not to take it
Too hard that I don’t know
Where the ghosts of you goes
In my dream I was with my parents
They said:
“Don’t assume that we will always love you”
I had to smile at the brilliance
Of the fire as it burned through
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