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In light of Mr. Woods...

Everybody Cheats(...They Think)

The dangers of being caught
seem to intensify each sense,
They undress sloppily trying
to convince themselves they need to live a little.
No need to remove her bra his shirt can stay.

Fingers trace lines
along the forbidden arches of skin,
breath short and quick. Be quiet.
The kitchenette counter is sturdy,
kissing and hugging while they divert their lives for five minutes...

Reality finds them short of breath,
slumped against one another.
Their vision skewed by lust before,
can see the guilt for miles now.
They put their clothes on a million excuses a minute.
The dog has been walked and the groceries bought,
no need for farewell pleasantries see you on your knees next week.

Go home.
Kiss your child hug your wife its almost dinner time.
It gets easier to believe your not the only one,
everybody needs an escape...they think.
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