own_you_all (own_you_all) wrote in critical_skin,

weight of the world

Everyday I have to get out of bed and face it
There is no cure to growing older
And everyday people get colder
Every moment I need to grow up a little more
my heart and pride are getting sore

Every night I think about how things will never be
the same as they've always been
As I grow up, so does he
as we grow up, we grow apart
And I'm holding the world on my shoulders
I don't think I can take it
I'm not going to make it

Nobody is what they seem
The world is full of fakes
Ive tried so hard to make it
But I cant make it over this last wall
I'm starting to slip, another pound an Ill fall
The weight of the world, is almost to heavy
And I'm losing this fight

Yeah I have everything you want
But you have what I need
I cant do this by myself
But every time I turn around
another face fades into the background
Each one adding, another pound
My hearts getting the best of me
Its out weighing the world

I wish that I would mean to you
What you mean to me
But ill never trust anyone again
so please just let me be
Love is an idea. Not an emotion.
Hate takes over everything
And I hate it.
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